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The Marriage Gurus are counsellors and relationship experts dedicated to providing free online assistance to anyone suffering from a marriage crisis.

Meet the Marriage Gurus

dr janetDr. Janet Wilson

Dr Janet Wilson is a renowned marriage specialist based in San Jose, California.  With more than 30 years experience as a marriage counselor, researcher, and professor (most recently at Western Oregon University), Dr Wilson is one of the most highly-regarded marriage experts in America.

Mending marriages is a passion and a profession for Dr Wilson, and her guidance has helped thousands of couples work through problems and enjoy happy, healthy marriages.  In her spare time, Dr Wilson enjoys spending time with her two young grandchildren and working on her latest book.

Paula LowePaula Lowe

Paula Lowe is a certified and practicing couples counselor from Montreal, Canada. She works with her clients to solve a number of marriage-related issues.  Paula has been working as a marriage therapist for over a decade, and has built a strong reputation among her clients and the community as a caring, compassionate, and gifted relationship expert.

When she’s not helping clients saving marriages, Paula enjoys spending time with her husband and three dogs.  She also volunteers for several community initiatives, such as a local shelter for women escaping domestic abuse.

Ricky BoothRicky Booth

Ricky Booth is an experienced relationship coach from Seattle, Washington.  He specializes in helping couples stop or prevent divorce and assisting individuals re-connect with an ex.  Ricky works with local and international clients (via Skype or phone), helping them to enjoy healthy and long-lasting love lives.

Ricky is a proud University of Washington alumni, and he currently lives near the campus and offers career advice to psychology students.  When he’s not working with clients, Ricky is an unabashed technology geek and Netflix addict.  He also loves spending time outdoors with his wife and their two sons.

Who This Website Is For

As marriage counsellors, we’ve seen far too many couples needlessly throw their love away.  We’ve watched too many marriages end prematurely. That’s why we’ve built

On this website, you’ll find the information you need to save your marriage and prevent divorce.  We know that not everyone can afford the time or money to see professional counsellors such as ourselves, so we’ve put as much information as possible here on this site to help you repair your marriage and live ‘happily ever after’.

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